Middle East Media Database

Infoware’s Middle East Media Database, the first of its kind, consists of profiles of Journalists, Public Figures, and Organizations covered extensively from the MENA media. Each profile contains an individual biography or an overview of an organization and indexes of the related media. Quantitative & qualitative media analysis provides unparalleled insight into what transpires over time. Original clips are available upon request.

The project aims to build a comprehensive database of select influential individuals and entities that have a pronounced presence in the region’s, and sometimes international, media. Drawing content from our core archives: print media since 1998, internet since 2003 and broadcast media since 2008 – and ongoing monitoring and documentation activities, a picture emerges of why this person or organization should matter to you. More than 100 analysts in our in-house Media Intelligence Center round out the profile with comparative quantitative measures and sentiment from Editorials and Opinions.

The Journalist & Public Figure Database is comprised of profiles of more than 50,000 individuals, with indexes of what each has published or broadcast and what has been published or broadcast about them. Media-related personalities might consist of journalists, columnists, publishers, editors, or political cartoonists. Public Figures come from politics, economy, culture, religion, athletics and entertainment.

The Organization Database is comprised of profiles of more than 13,000 media outlets and economic or political entities, with both broad and deep information about their activities as covered in the MENA media.

Information is updated as often as new coverage appears in the media and new names are added as they rise in influence.