In June 2011, AskZad signed a groundbreaking global partnership agreement with ProQuest to distribute its academic databases.

The AskZad Digital library contains a vast amount of archived journals, articles, newspapers, books, and other forms of media, all concening the Middle East.

Our collection strives to include everything published in the Middle East in any language or in Arabic in any part of the world. The lion’s share of our library is in Arabic, but there are also texts in English, French and German.

But that’s just the beginning.

A Vast Arabic Library for Libraries Around the World: 
Designed with the needs of university libraries around the world in mind, the full scope of the collection includes an academic library with indices, journals, dissertations, conference materials and whitepapers, and a press library with a pan-Arab news index and select licensed newspapers.

Our library contains direct image scans of original articles going as far back as 1823, with attached article abstracts and associated bibliographies for information enhancement. The texts are scanned and stored page by page, providing an original image of the literature, complete with links to summaries and supporting bibliographies.

Periodicals, Newspapers, TV & the Web: 
Our archive includes reaches back to 1998 for newspapers & magazines, 2003 for Web-based sources, and 2007 for television. Our constantly growing list of licensed newspapers are presented as full page images of the whole newspaper so that everything can be read in its intended context. 

English Interface, Arabic Help: 
Ask Zad was recently enhanced with a fully bilingual English interface that allows you to search in either language. And if you have an English keyboard but want to search in Arabic, we’ve integrated a virtual Arabic keyboard into the site for you.

We also have Library of Congress transliterations and MARC records to make your search as effective as possible. 

Translation Needed? We Can Help: 
Upon request, AskZad can have any text you need translated into English for you. Fees and turnaround time vary and will be quoted upon request.