Advex Advertising Index

Advex advertising index is an all-in-one advertisement engine and media tracking solution, designed specifically for the Middle East advertising and media planning & buying industry. Advex allows companies to track their own or competitors’ ads in print and broadcast media. Entertainment rights holders and broadcasters can track ads during their programming and compare it to ads on competing channels. Media planners and buyers can gain a broad understanding of statistics, ad spend and trends.

Advex is a downloadable software that provides easy-to-use tools to generate both pre-defined and user designed advertising reports by choosing desired specifications such as:

  • Print media, TV or Radio ads.
  • Media outlets (i.e., Al-Hayat newspaper, MBC1, NileFM).
  • Groups of media outlets (i.e., all MBC channels).
  • Timeframes (i.e., time of day, exact date, date range, day of week, day of month).
  • Agency.
  • Company.
  • Brand.
  • Program.
  • Language.
  • Spot Duration.
  • Spot Title.
  • Master vs. Repetition.
  • AVE.